Q What is Sporting Legends Night Out?
A new concept similar to a Comedy Festival, but with Sporting Legends as the entertainers. This is a night of fun, stories, laughs, beer, auctions and an unforgettable experience!

Q When is the Sporting Legends Night Out?
A 27 February 2010 from 18:00 - Midnight

Q Where is Sporting Legends Night Out?
A Holy Trinity Church, 141 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley.  

Q How do I get there?
A http://www.trinityvalley.org.au/about/maps_loc.php 

Q Is there parking available?
A Ample parking at the venue, other side of Church street

Q Will Sir Vivian or any of the other speakers sign my bat, jumper etc?
A Please do not bring items of value such as cricket bats, footballs, jumpers or anything deemed to be have a resale value on eBay. These gentlemen make their livelyhood from signing and appearances so please do not ask them to do so as the answer will most likely be no. Security will not allow outside 'equipment/memorabilia' into the hall. There will be commemorative items available at the function.

What is the dress code of the event?
A Smart casual

Will there be a chance to meet the legends?
Yes, there will be a chance to meet the speakers at the Legends' Bar from 22:30 - midnight.

Q How do I buy tickets?
A Click on the above link

Q How much do tickets cost?
A $99 incl GST

Will I receive confirmation of my ticket/s purchase?
A Yes

Do I need to bring my proof of purchase and ID to the event?
A Yes, you need to bring your proof of purchase and ID in order to collect your ticket/s at the door. This will be your only access into the event and it is required throughout the evening.

When do I receive my ticket/s?
A At the door on the night of the event.

What if I lose my ticket/s?
A You will not be allowed entry into the event without your ticket/s. or receipt.

Q Are tickets available at the door?
A Yes, tickets will be available to purchase on the night at the door. 

What is the cancellation policy?
A No cancellation policy

Q Are cameras allowed?
A No cameras will be allowed at the event

Q Will there be merchandise available at the event?
A Yes, commemorative poster and beer coolers, and other memorabilia will be sold on the night. 

Q How can I purchase merchandise and memorabilia? 
A Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Q Will there be an ATM available at the event?
A Yes, there will be an ATM available, however it is advised to bring cash with you as the ATM will not be reloaded during the evening. 
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